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Background noise and sound (television, music), vibrations (doors), footsteps, indoor, exterior or neighbourhood activities... There are so many various situations where unwanted exposure to sound becomes an irritant.

Soundproofing can help mitigate the effect of undesirable sound and noise. Isolation Grenier favours the use of cellulose, an affordable and highly efficient insulating product. Cellulose acts as a sound barrier and noticeably reduces the level of unwanted noise.

Commercial and apartment buildings, condominiums, recording and music studios as well as single-family homes can greatly benefit from cellulose sound insulation.

STC (Sound Transmission Class)

Isolation Grenier uses the Igloo cellulose fiber, a high-quality product of unparalleled efficiency. Injected at a 3.0 lb/sq. ft. density, the quality of insulation reaches an STC rating of 56. Our sound insulation service exceeds the STC rating of 50 required by the National Building Code.


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