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Isolation Grenier has gained the trust of the South Shore population, namely in Mont-St-Hilaire and St-Bruno. Thanks to our outstanding insulation services, we guarantee everyday home comfort, optimal air quality and noticeable long term savings.

Whether you’re looking at a brand new building or planning major home renovation work, quality residential insulation is a major concern that cannot be overlooked. In this regard, specific norms and standards adopted by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (R.B.Q.) are in effect since 2012.

In compliance with all applicable norms and standards, Isolation Grenier et fils will carefully insulate each and every section and area of your house. Effective insulation makes for a weatherproof and more environmentally-friendly home, while preserving heat in winter and coolness in the summer!


An airtight roof is a key component to any proper insulation. Today, most regular-sloped roofs on new homes are insulated with blown cellulose. However, for cathedral ceilings and certain other confined spaces, urethane is most-often used. In case of specific roof types (height, particular shape) the professionals at Isolation Grenier et fils will recommend the most adequate insulation material for your situation.


It's a well-known fact that walls are an important source of heat loss. Proper wall insulation is therefore of the utmost importance.

Various insulating materials may be used (polyurethane AIRMÉTIC® SOYA, cellulose, insulating wool*). Whatever the type of material used, effective insulation offering a high R-value is essential. The insulation work must also comply with all applicable standards. *When using insulating wool, certain factors must be taken into consideration (air barrier, vapour barrier and acoustic insulation). In any case, calling upon the services of experts is strongly recommended.


An uninsulated or badly insulated basement increases energy consumption considerably.

According to RBQ (Régie du bâtiment du Québec) standards and regulations, basement insulation is mandatory. Things must therefore be done correctly. Thus, foundation walls, crawling spaces, beams, concrete, etc. must be insulated properly.

In order to avoid heat loss and mould problems, our experts will advise you to make sure that your basement and your entire home benefit from a flawless insulation.

isolation Mont-St-Hilaire St-Bruno
isolation Mont-St-Hilaire St-Bruno
isolation Mont-St-Hilaire St-Bruno
isolation Mont-St-Hilaire St-Bruno

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